Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 3

Finally it was time for me and Patterns to graduate high school. As typical, classes ended at the end of Spring and before Summer.

Connecticut was now a toddler! I couldn’t believe it, and growing daily.

Patterns and I decided to celebrate our birthdays the final day of the Spring Festival. I got my face painted. We participated in a pie eating contest. Hunted for colored eggs. Had a family photo taken. Danced. We even tried to see how compatable we were with the love machine. That was simply for fun because well.. we were best friends. Not in love with one another. It was something to do at the festival ya know.

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I should have known Connecticut was too young to spend the entire day at the festival. He was exhausted by the end of the day. So I went home to put him to bed. I celebrated my birthday at home alone, in the Nursery, and Patterns celebrated his birthday with Alaska, Mariah (only 1 of Alaska’s women were able to make it).

Well I did it. I’m sure people doubted it. I mean, I had a baby so young. I know there were people in the town that didn’t think I’d graduate but I did, and on time. And connecticut was right there with me.

Who has the best brother ever?! I DO! My brother gifted Patterns and me with a 3 day vacation in Bridgeport! He said I needed to dance, swim in the ocean and just let my hair down.

even on vacation, Patterns insisted on working out. He’d become obsessed with working out. I think it was due to his meeting Nikki Simovitch the night he aged up. She’s an older woman, and he was interested in attracting her. WHY? don’t ask me. Everything was new to him still. Eating food, sleeping in a bed, watching TV. you name it. but I digress!

Let me say as well, the elevators in Bridgeport HATED Patterns. HE was constantly getting caught in them. HAHA and me being his best friend, laughed each time.

We had a great time in Bridgeport. We also caught a play at the theater, went to a dive bar. We went to this one club which was quite DEAD, but i did meet a good looking brother by the name of Tom. We danced a bit and exchanged numbers by the end of the night! Its totally time for me to re-enter the dating and relationship game back on.

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Our final night in Bridgeport, we shut down Aquarius. Ish got wild, thats all I’mma say. (ok it was just me and Patterns but we still had fun)

Sadly, it was back to the real world, and back to my baby. Only gone for 3 days and I missed Connecticut so much and So had Patterns. Once back in town, I made steps to pursue my dream of being a surgeon, I got a job at the hospital, and Patterns Registered with the town hall as an Inventor. He had some wild idea of creating creatures!

We were all settling into our adult lives. Working, playing with the baby, and for some of us ( meaning the boys) Dating.

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Sunny too had graduated, and she came over to celebrate with my brother, and he took her out.

Tom and I talked on the phone frequently. He told me he was planning to divorce his wife. Truthfully I didn’t even know he was married. Boy can I pick ’em.

Patterns and Nikki were carrying on an affair right under her husband’s nose.

Alaska was well… Alaska. It’s been years, he still hadn’t settled down and as a matter of fact. I’d invite Tyra over for a chess match, she’s no different than her sister Nikki. meaning- married and down to flirt. Next thing I know, she’s chatting up Alaska!

And that’s kinda how things went on for a few years, with a few house parties here and there. And me still chatting with Tom over the phone. ugh, pathetic i know.

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And before I knew it, I looked up and my baby, MY BABY.. well he wasn’t a baby anymore. Happy Birthday Connecticut


2 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 3

  1. amandralynn says:

    Poor Patterns! I liked the part where he gets slammed in the elevator doors. I always laugh when that happens to my sims! I’m still happy to see Alaska still has his game. 🙂

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