Generation 1& 2 Continued Alaska and Arkansas- Chapter 2

Alaska, known by his close friends and family as A, is only about 3 years older than me. As a teenager, his favorite passtime was of course: snowboarding. All winter long, you could catch him at the festival in town, snowboarding.



That was until he became interested in the girls. Lets just say, my brother got game.

Where my sister Arizona waited until marriage to begin woohooing, Alaska started in high school. Mariah his girlfriend, loved my brother. And whatever my brother wanted, Mariah did for him and with him.

My brother was content with Mariah as his main squeeze, until he met my friend Sunny. She was a freshman with me, and we became best friends my sophmore year of high school. That’s when she started coming over. I should have known my brother was feeling her, cause he started hanging out with me and my friends!


My brother was totally putting the moves on Sunny, at the same time he was in a steady relationship with Mariah. When I tell you my brother was PIMP. Trust me, he’s PIMP. For his aging up birthday, to Young Adult, he spent the early part of the day with Mariah at the Spring Festival.

Her parent’s wanted her home by the time the street lights came on. Too bad for her, because my brother didn’t skip a beat. Sometime between the pie eating contest, and his aging up, he’d managed to contact Sunny, and invite her out!

2 things i learned that night. 1) bad things happen to good people who enter into a pie eating contest. 2) don’t bring your girlfriends around your handsome, charming brother. I’m just sayin’

We were all there to celebrate his aging up!


and It didn’t take him long, before he was watching the stars with Sunny. *sigh* I know I know, I should have told Sunny about Mariah, but I didn’t. Don’t judge. I hate confrontations.


OF course, following his birthday, Alaska graduated high school. Looking back, boy if mom and dad knew what career Alaska was going to enter, they wouldn’t have been so generous in their graduation gifts! HAHAHA.

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Seeing as how Alaska and I still live together, I guess now is as good a time as any to bring myself into this story. Our lives are so intertwined, we might as well be twins. Ok not that close but, eh.. just continue reading.

So as I stated earlier, I’m Arkansas, my close friends and family call me Ari. Where everyone else in the family had either brown or black hair, me.. i was born blonde. Gosh if I didn’t hear momma’s baby daddy’s maybe at least once a week, well.. i wouldn’t be in farm country then would i?! I was a cute kid, and if i say so myself, a pretty hot teen. I lived the average life. Ballet, celebrated birthdays, had great friends, played at the local arcade, and enjoyed visiting the seasonal town festivals, and was generally silly.

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Oh! did I mention, that my best friend of all time(out of all my best friends- sorry Jeremy, Sunny and Justina) was Patterns, my imaginary friend. I playd with that doll as a toddler, again as a child, but it wasn’t until I aged up to teenager, that my “doll” did the same! of course, no one believed me. All they saw was this:

whereas what i was really experiencing was this:

Did you notice that chemistry table? I talked my parents into buying me that. I’d watched an infomercial late one night, and the guy SWORE! there was a potion that would turn your imaginary friend real. seeing as how I had an imaginary friend, i just had to get that chemistry set. Suffice it to say, Patterns is still a toy. I haven’t discovered that damn potion yet. Maybe mom and dad were right. It’s a scam. But hey they are happy. I’m gaining logic skills. (that’s how I sold them on that chemistry set too.. all for the cause ya know).

So anyways, remember how I told you the whole town was expecting one of us State children to fail at life. Well I don’t know about failing at life, but I can definitly say, I did fall from grace. Let’s just say, I don’t think my parents ever trusted me again. This is how ish went down.

Following Alaska’s high school graduation, mom, dad, and A went on a vacation to china! Personally mom and dad were getting up there in age, they’d already spent a large amount of their savings in purchasing that home for Arizona a few years ago and figured this would be their last big trip.

So away they went.

And me, I was suppose to go stay with Arizona for the 3 days they’d be gone. but oh no, my good friend Jeremy talked me into throwing “the party to end all high school parties”. Didn’t I tell you I don’t do confrontations.. well I left out the part about me being easily influenced. So what did i say to Jeremy: “ok”. just “ok”, no questions, nothing.

I let him talk me into moving mom’s new teppanyaki grill that daddy got for her for her birthday into the basement.



and we rented both a professional bar and bartender *facepalm* i did say i blindly followed right! why oh why did i agree to this. On a positive the bartender mixed great drinks!



Of course the party broke up early, because mom called from the Riverview airport, they were back because dad got sick, and they didn’t trust the medical facilities in china. WHAT! they were barely gone two days.

leave already fools! my parents are coming home.

leave already fools! my parents are coming home.

By the time my parents got home, Some folks still hadn’t gotten the memo that the party had broken up (gee thanks Mariah, Vicinte, and those two other party crashers!) and yep, you guessed it, the professional bartender hauled ass, leaving his damn bar still in my mom’s kitchen!


Mom wouldn’t even let me explain! She just started yelling.

Well remember that drink I had? Gave me superhuman confidence, because I yelled back! yeah that landed me grounded. *ugh* some party to end all high school parties right! my party was a dud, I was grounded, and mom and dad hated me! FML

Oh and to top it off, this might even be better or worse depending on how you look at it, Alaska joined the Ghostbusting profession! maybe my life wasn’t so bad after all. Mom and Dad couldn’t believe it. Me, I laughed and laughed.

I thought i was going to go stir crazy! I spent the entire next day in the house on lockdown. If i got anywhere near the front door my mom knew about it. it was as if she had xray vision. She would yell “i don’t think so young lady!”

I spent the morning working on the chemistry set, trying to discover the potion to make Patterns real. Still working on that.


The only thing that made being inprisoned in my own home tolerable was when Vicinte called! *squeel* Totally didn’t expect that. He was the resident bad boy, and I well.. I was the daughter of the town leader. I mean if i’m really being honest, although I invited him to the party, I didn’t think he’d come. He acted as if he hated me when we were in class! So Vicinte calling, totally made my day. AND he asked me out! SHUT UP! maybe this was my downward spiral because I was going on that date, even if i had to sneak out of the house.. which of course I had to. Even the nausea at the end of the night thanks to that crazy spin ride wouldn’t ruin my mood!

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To top it all off, I made it back home without anyone knowing i was missing. Me 1 Mom 1.

The rest of spring was uneventful, leading us into an uneventful summer. Well for me anyways. If you were to ask Alaska, probably his best summer EVER! We did have a summer party and my niece and newphew visited us. But really that was it.

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Yeah you see Mariah and Sunny at the Summer party. Mariah aged up just a few days after Alaska, they both graduated together. And yeah, that’s my brother being bold enough to woohoo in the house following the summer party, with Mariah!

Did I mention he moved into Arizona’s old room. FML! again with the woohooing all the time.

Remember how I told you my brother is a ladies man. well my friend Justina aged up too. Technically she was A’s friend first, but we had gym together (her senior year, my freshman year) and became good friends. Even though A and her talked at school, he never invited her over, and they didn’t hang out outside of school. To be honest, he couldn’t be bothered to hang with her outside of school because.. well she wasn’t that cute was what my brother said.

Well boy did things changed after graudation. she aged up to be quite pretty. how do i know this? She came over to see me one day following graduation. He didnt even recognize her at first. Ugh, I will state this again, do not bring your girlfriends around your brother! He started to lay the mack down on her, giving her a graduation gift (he just re-gifted the book mom gave him, lame) and unlike Sunny, Justina knew my brother was dating Mariah. That didn’t stop her from sucking it up.



So like i said for me it was a boring summer. For my brother, he musta been in hog heaven. And let me say, his luck extended into the fall.

The first day of fall, mom had us all carving pumpkins.

Said this would be the best fall yet. She’d already sent out invitations for a custom party which we would be having on spooky day, and we were putting the invitations together for the Feast Party that mom always throws near the end of the Fall.

We even visited the Fall festival one evening. Participating in an apple bobbing contest. Neither of us won, but was still fun nonetheless.


And then the worst thing possible happened. A few weeks before big costume party, mom died! I was standing with her, there in the kitchen. She was baking a pumplin pie (dad’s favorite) and I was about to prepare a Fall Salad.



We all took the death of mom hard. Dad took it the worst I’d say.

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Alaska being Alaska, had his way of dealing

We still decided to have the costume party that mom had already planned and sent out inventations for. I felt sad about having the custome party without mom being there, but my brother, he cheered me up. Did i mention he’s a great older brother.

What also helped to cheer me up about having the party, was all 3 of Alaska’s lady loves were at the party. And let me tell you, they came dressed to attract. Mariah pulled out the big guns is all i’m sayin’ and i’m not mad at her. She may not have known about the other women, but she was there to keep my brothers attention on her. And she had it.

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I also have to admit, it was a kick ass party! Even mom’s best friend came.

And Alaska being Alaska finished the party in Alaska fashion:




Things were slowly getting back to normal. I was on the continual quest for the IF potion. I was challenging townies to chess matches, I spent more time with Alaska and dad. Just being a family.

I surprised daddy with a Feast party. It was for family only. No friends. We were all really missing mom. I knew Feast Day at the end of fall and Snowflake Day during Winter would be the roughest for the family. But we were months away from snowflake day. I just wanted to get Dad through Feast Day.

Arizona and her family came over. It was great. Daddy was so happy, everyone had a good time.

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My romance with Vicinte was over. when i needed him the most, he wasn’t there. He started snubbing me out of the blue. I was so emotional during this time, I started snubbing him back. I know that’s not right, but gosh he deserted me.

Jeremy and I did start to hang out more. He and his girlfriend broke up. He and I went to prom together. It was suppose to be just as friends. Well the lights went down, and he kissed me! He even started talking about US dating. I had to turn him down. I was too emotional. I was jealous of Alaska, I was mad about Vicinte, I was missing my mom. I told him to give me time.

Him being the good friend that he is, we just took it easy. We hung out a lot. Dad worked all day and night on Mondays. working as early as 6am and getting home around 3am Tuesday morning. And he had the rest of the week off. A worked Monday thru Friday 5pm until 3am.





I was instructed to stay home, do my homework and skill up. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. Instead, I invited Jeremy over so we could hang out. Sunny had an after school job and was always busy. Unless of course it was Alaska! she somehow made time for him. Have I mentioned I was jealous and mad?

Things started to change between Jeremy and I. Oh who am I kidding. When the cat is away, the mouse will play.

Not a bad end to Fall right? WRONG! This is where the story comes full circle. Remember the moment i told you things changed for me? Well Fall had barely come to a close when I was leaving my room, Daddy was coming up the stairs and he just.. died. Right there, in front of me. I was devistated. Alaska was out and about hanging with Justina, me.. I was there alone.



OMG is that the.. the.. Grim Reaper? GTFOH, no it couldn’t be.


I was so upset over the witnessing the death, less than a year after we’d loss mom, I just lost it. I threw up.

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Of course, Patterns was there to help me through this.

Looking back at when i threw up.. that wasn’t over daddy. Hindsight is always 20/20 so they say. I knew it was related to something else, when weeks later in the middle of the night… yep you guessed it, *facepalm*, I threw up again!


OMG! i didnt even need to go see the doctor I knew what was wrong. I’d seen my sister go through this. Me! Me! I was pregnant. That night that i’d woohooed with Jeremy was coming to bite me in the ass. I didn’t tell ANYONE! anyone being jeremy, A, sunny, I couldn’t even tell Arizona. This couldn’t be happening. The only person who knew was Patterns.

But then it got to the point where I couldn’t hide it! now, EVERYONE knew. I guess you could say, of the State children, I was the one to fail. I’d let everyone down. I was on track to being a doctor, I’d almost mastered the logic skill (and dammit no i still hadn’t found the potion to bring Patterns to life), I had straight A’s. I was a good girl. and I was PREGNANT!




My brother, he’s the best. Especially when I looked like I was going to pop. I was so embaraced, I was crying everyday. I just kept saying over and over “i’m sorry”. I went to my brother, and he, he was there for me. He told me to keep my head up. He would take care of everything, he’d make sure me and the baby were OK.

In his Will, Dad left me the house, and left Arizona almost 100,000 Simealons. He said he would’t move until I was able to care for myself and my baby. Again, I’ll say.. BEST brother ever!

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I also practiced cooking! My brother said after I had the baby, I’d only have to go to school and take care of the baby. Well neither of could cook, and my brother would be the only one of us working, so I knew i had to take care of him the way he was taking care of me.


Winter started with a bang. I was huge as a cow, Alaska was enjoying the snow. And he Surprised me by throwing a Snowflake Day party! really? I love my brother

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Snowflake day went off without any hiccups! yay. With mom and dad gone, we were in no rush to take down the christmas decorations.

Then the day came that my baby boy was born! Welcome Connecticut!

Alaska was the first to cuddle him, feed him. everything.

Oh and guess what else. One day, while Connecticut was relaxing in the swing chair, I did it! I did it, I did it, I did it! I discovered the potion to turn my imaginary friend Patterns real. the question was.. would it work.

It worked! of course everyone had to eat their words. He’s real. He’s now a Sim and its so much fun having him around. He moved into Alaska’s old room.

Alaska surprised me further when he used some of the money mom and dad left him to buy me my own car to take the baby to and from doctor appointments. We put Hunter Cottoneye’s old truck in storage ( Dad and Hunter were best friends, and when Hunter Died, he Willed his truck to daddy! Usually it just sat parked in the yard).

Additionally, Alaska re-decorated the whole house. Alaska took daddy’s room. I moved into his room which was Arizona’s old room. We redecorated Patterns room.

I will say this again.. BEST BIG BROTHER, EVER!

It was great having three people available to care for Connecticut. Alaska was there for him while I was in school, and I was there after school. Patterns even helped out. I even got my hair braided! I was so not about that life of trying to style my hair in the mornings, hours long wash and drying sessions AND take care of a baby.

For the next year, nothing too big happened. I was halfway thru my junior year when Connecticut was born, so still had 1 more year of school remaining.
Jeremy came over and saw the baby sometimes. I didn’t push. We weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend. I was simply a girl who had her best friends baby.

I even went on a few dates.

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No I havn’t forgotten about A. He’s still Alaska. working when he wants, dating.. Ya know, same old same old.

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  1. amandralynn says:

    Cute! I love Alaska! Even though he is a bit of a player juggling Sunny and Mariah at the same time. But he’s still a nice brother, and seems to be a pretty good person despite that he is a little bit of a pimp! Baby Connecticut is very cute 🙂

    • orkhid22 says:

      Baby Connecticut is adorable! I don’t like that the babies in TS3 are larva but at least their faces are cute.

      • amandralynn says:

        omg, I know right? Larva, yup, that about sums it up. I hate that. I’d love to have some cute infant clothing or at least see them move there arms a little or something! I usually age mine up right away because larva babies annoy me so..

      • orkhid22 says:

        I’m playing on long-epic; mostly b/c I haven’t accomplished what I was hoping to accomplish on normal, so I move the age span to long, then I hadn’t accomplished what I want so I just moved their age span to epic! eek. I’m changing it back soon. But anyways they are babies FOREVER on this span, but it’s easy when you don’t let the babies outnumber the adults because then everyone chips in. Also for story purposes it helps when the children stay small longer

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