Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 4

So much has happened this Fall I don’t know where to start.

Alaska approached me and asked about having a costume party. We haven’t had a costume party in years. Since the death of mom really. The fall season has always been difficult for us. I, like Alaska was ready to enjoy the Fall again.
I went to the Fall Festival and harvested pumpkins, then brought them home for the family to carve. It was like old times, only this time minus mom and dad and Patterns and Connecticut got to participate.



We decided to celebrate Spooky Day this year with a costume party. It was a lot of fun. Oh yeah, side note: Mariah side eyed Alaska for dancing with Sunny; Justina showed off her new engagement ring at the party, AND still managed to get ticked at Alaska for spending time with Sunny.


I mean really Justina, you’re engaged to be married to another man! my brother has that kinda power?

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Connecticut even left for a little while to do some trick or treating. I let him hit the houses on our street and our street only. He got one piece of candy. maybe next year will be better.



It appears Sunny was the bell of this ball (Mariah won a few years ago), seeing as how Alaska made sure she spent the night. Geeh I hope Mariah didn’t find out.



Things got even better when Tom announced he was taking me up on my offer to come and visit me in Riverview before Feast Day. He had a concert in Bridgeport for Feast Day so he couldn’t stay long. This is like our first time meeting since I met him in Bridgeport those years ago.

Of course we have stayed in touch throught the years, mostly on a plautonic basis. We were like modern day pen pals: Sending letters in the mail, talking on the phone, emailing. I know he had other relationships since he and his wife divorced, but those had not ended well. Over the past few months our relationship had slowly advanced (much too slowly if you ask me! I mean hello!) from friends to more. We even cybered once. OMG! I know. ( I plan to tell no one but you Diary).


Of course Tom met the family- Connecticut, A, and Patterns. I took him out on the town (what minimal nightlife there is in Riverview). And of course, it snowed on Feast Day. The boys of course were happy because that meant the Winter Festival came to town early. I was happy because Tom’s return flight got delayed, and he ended up staying for Feast Day. We broke from tradition and spent the day at the Festival.

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Before Tom left, he asked me to consider moving to Bridgeport. He told me, he had a wonderful time with me, and he want’s to spend more time with me. He wants to BE WITH ME! ME! there I said it.

Of course thats now all I can think about. I mean, Riverview is all I know. My parents are buried here, Alaska and her family are all here, Connecticut’s father is here. I’d have to leave my brother and Patterns.

And to top it all off, WE! Tom and I, aren’t even official. Ugh, what am I going to do?


4 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 4

  1. bagley777 says:

    I love the slideshow at the end! Such a cute idea. 🙂

  2. amandralynn says:

    I imagine that the fall season would be hard. 😦 Sad. I’m happy the pictures in this chapter are bigger and I love the slideshow at the end. 🙂

    • orkhid22 says:

      Yes, another reviewer told me to make the pictures bigger and I thought that was a great piece of advice. Why I didn’t think of that is beyond me.

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