Generation 2 Arkansas Chapter 6

Well Sunny finally got around to telling my brother that the baby she carried could possibly be his. Of course it was closer to her due date when she finally got around to telling A. The thing about my brother is this: Alaska tries to avoid confrontation at all costs. His philosophy was to wait and see. He had no plans to tell Mariah unless the baby was actually his. He did visit Sunny at times to see how the pregnancy was going, and to feel the baby move.


About two weeks before love day, early in the morning the entire house was rudely awakened by pounding on the door. Alaska answered the door to a screaming, crying, tear-streaked Mariah. All I could hear was shouting and sobbing. Mariah just kept yelling over and over again “TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE, TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE”.


Sunny had had her baby a few days before. Apparently no paternity test was needed because the baby came out brown. Seeing as how Sunny and Kenny are both cream colored, it was obvious that the father was Alaska and not Kenny; and to top it all off, the whole town knew before my brother. Sunny hadn’t even come over and told my brother that A) she’d had the baby and B) the baby was his.

So now Alaska was pissed. ( In my opinion, pissed he got caught, not pissed he was only just now finding out about the baby). Mariah just kept yelling and asking for how long this had been going on!

In my mind, all I said to my self I truly couldn’t believe she had no idea my brother was never faithful to her. He’s being seeing any one of elgible age for years! now. Hasn’t she wondered why they’ve been dating for over 10 years and my brother has never asked her to marry him? But apparently she had. She had.

Alaska even had to come clean about all the cheating he’d done. Oh boy it just really popped off then. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that upset before. Come to think of it, when I found out Tom was cheating on me, I wasn’t even this upset. (again this goes to show I didn’t love Tom, I wanted Tom).

Instead of getting ready for school connecticut had stopped to watch the drama unfold. Truly it was like watching a train wreck. All the yelling and shouting back and forth. I took this as a learning opporunity for Connecticut: this is why you do not cheat! Cheaters never win. He had no idea what I was talking about. *sigh* guess this topic will have to wait until he’s older.

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I had to rush and drop Connecticut off to school so he wouldn’t be late, and then I went on to work. I got the rest of the details from Patterns during lunch break as he stays home during the day.

When Mariah left the house the leaned against the door just crying. She wouldn’t let A out, she didn’t want him to follow her to her hom. Told him They were over, and he wasn’t welcomed at her house. Patterns said Alaska just fell to the floor crying.

After hearing this I was devistated for my brother. I don’t think he was this emotional over the death of my parents. He definitly didn’t show any emotion over either Justina or Sunny getting married.

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Dare I say.. my brother really loves Mariah?

When I got home, by brother was just lying on the cough. not watching tv, love songs playing on the radio. Patterns told me he’d been laying there all day. He only went to the bathroom. He Didn’t eat, didn’t drink.


Suffice it to say, A spent the next two weeks like this. No showering, no eating. I had to beg him to drink water and juice. He didn’t go to work. nothing. He’d tried calling Mariah, but she was screening her phone calls. She didn’t answer. He tried showing up at her job and her friends wouldn’t let him behind the scenes at the movie theater where Mariah worked.

I dragged Patterns and Connecticut to the Spring Festival. Alaska really wanted to hunt for hidden eggs. And if I had to go and be surrounded by loving couples, so too did Patterns. Alaska voted not to go. Said he didn’t feel well. I did pay for a kiss at the kissing booth and convinced Patterns to do the same. The kiss he gave the booth girl left me feeling like: DAMN!

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In light of all events, and all of us heartbroken (me the least heartbroken of us all) I decided to throw a love day party to show the town that you coldn’t keep the STATES down. I rented out the local watering hole to hold the event.

I even suggested that Patterns and I play dress up. I went to the consignment store and purchased a Cupid costume for him, and got myself a cute little heart dress. Similiar matching outfits to how Patterns and I dressed up for Halloween, he was a mummy I was Cleopatra. He’s my best-friend, what more can I say, He’ll wear the Cupid outfit to please me.

Of course Alaska declined to go. Deciding to stay home and hang out with Connecticut. (more like lay on the couch and play r&b love songs and Connecticut play in his room alone).

I got dressed in my outfit, even going so far as to wear sexy valentines day lingerie, a woman’s got to accessorize.

Quite a few towns people showed up. I went out of my way NOT to invite any of our ex’s. Things were really going well.

And then I saw her walking by. MARIAH! she’d shown up to my party! I quickly called A and told him to get his butt down to the local watering hole if he wanted to try and talk to Mariah.


Alaska was at the local watering hole in 15 minutes flat! and because I didn’t smell him, I’m glad he took time to wash and brush his teeth before showing up.

Mariah wasn’t interested in anything my brother had to say. So Arizona switched tactics and started to seranade Mariah. That got her attention.


Shortly after that Mariah left sans Arizona. And he too went home and off to bed so he said. Patterns and I stayed at the local watering hole, shutting the spot down.

When we got back home we were so wasted! I haven’t partied like that since our time in Bridgeport when the liquor had me and Patterns dancing on countertops.

Let me say here and now, I will not have any more liquor. Why do I say this? well, love day celebration, drinks, me and Patterns don’t mix.

All i’m saying is: blame it on the alcohol! I am not personally responsible for my own actions

All I remember is waking up without my outfit, still in my make up and Patterns next to me!

I hope this doens’t change the dynamics of our relationship. Because I think Patterns and I, just became friends with benefits!

*extras* Arizona’s forgtten night with Patterns

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2 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas Chapter 6

  1. amandralynn says:

    Wowzers! Well at least Sunny and Mariah didn’t get into a cat fight, although that could have been interesting! And yikes! I wonder what will become of her one night stand with Patterns!

    • orkhid22 says:

      I was thinking of having them cat fight; but I’ve always felt it’s more the guys fault than the woman unless she intentionally sought him out. In this case Alaska was definitely the pursuer of all his affairs, and deserved EVERYTHING he got. As a matter of fact while playing, every time Mariah saw him she was in his face, accusing him of cheating. I seriously thought they were going to break-up. their relationship went deeply negative. Took a lot of work to bring it up before story progression broke them up. Especially since they didn’t live in the same household. SP will break them up in a minute.

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