Generation 2 Arkansas Chapter 7

Hey Diary,

Sorry it’s been ages since I’ve written. Things have been busy around the State household and it’s all because the weather here in Riverview has been AH-MAZING! Since late spring, we’ve enjoyed nothing but sunshine and have rushed to take advantage of the lack of rain.


But as per usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Following the Love Day hook-up, Patterns and I basically pretended it never happened. The first day was awkward but things eventually got back to normal. Which is good, because of all the friends that I have and that Patterns has, we are still each others BEST friend, and I would hate to lose that.

Late spring also brought the birth of Mark, Alaska’s son. Alaska said after seeing the baby there is no doubt that Mark is his son. Unlike Connecticut, Mark has Alaska’s coloring (Connecticut looks just like his father; how’s the old saying “Daddy’s baby Momma’s maybe?” yeah, that’s me and Connecticut). Alaska still had a paternity test done to verify.

As you can Imagine this did NOT make things easier for Alaska and Mariah. I swear every time you looked, Mariah was also in A’s face, yelling at him; accusing him of cheating; crying. Even to the point, I felt terrible for Alaska. He was trying everything to win her back, sadly she wasn’t having it.

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That was how Spring ended, Alaska depressed that things were still bad between him and Mariah; elated that he had a son. Patterns and I back to normal and Connecticut basking in the love of all adults around him. I swear that son of mine, holds the entire family together. He’s best friends with all adults in his life. He has a loving relationship with his father, visiting him at the firehouse after school everyday; his uncle reads to him most nights, Patterns makes toys for him.

The good weather extended from Spring into Summer and we definitely enjoyed every minute of it. I think we must have went to the Summer Festival daily, if not all of us, at least one of us were there to enjoy in the festivities daily.

Alaska won his court case and obtained joint custody of Mark. Suffice it to say, Sunny did not take this information very well at all. I was over the moon to have Mark in the house. It’s been YEARS since we’ve had a baby in the house. Having Mark at home, has definitely made me want another baby; he’s sooo cute. I play with him as much as possible. Mark spends a week with us, and a week with Sunny and her family. oh yeah, I almost forgot, in addition to Alaska winning joint custody, he also legally changed Mark’s last name from Lobos-Broke to Broke-State; he said this way the whole town recognizes that Mark is his. His son will not be taking another man’s name.




I have to give props to Alaska. If you would have told me that by the end of Summer he and Mariah would be together, I would have said “the devil is a lie!” Spring and early Summer their relationship was so tumultuous that I didn’t think they would make it. But every chance he got, including skipping work, Alaska was courting Mariah. Flowers, late night dates, watching the stars; you name it Alaska was doing it. He told me “Sis, I love her; I didn’t know how much I loved her until I broke her. She has to take me back. I will spend the rest of our lives making her happy.”

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I don’t think I could love my brother more than I did right then. I also felt sad; why couldn’t I find that. Why had no man loved me enough to put me first.. ahh I digress. Truly I’m happy for Alaska and Mariah. I just wish he’d either move her in already; she was at the house so much it felt like she lived there. I have to admit she did contribute a lot to the house, and Connecticut really liked her and started calling her Auntie. Which Mariah loved. She even helped take care of Mark on the weeks he visited.

Summer ended with us all celebrating Alaska’s 30th birthday. Like I said, busy Summer for the States.

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3 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas Chapter 7

  1. amandralynn says:

    Glad to see that Arizona is doing right by his son and really stepping up. He seems to really care about Mariah even though he has cheated. Maybe he is growing up a little. 🙂

    • orkhid22 says:

      I think he needed this storm with Mariah to really see her worth. Initially I was actually going to have him marry Sunny she is cuter than Mariah, but then Sunny got engaged to Nikki’s ex. And of course the player A saw her after she was engaged anyways. That definitely deserved a consequence. hence the pregnancy. It also worked out b/c Mariah never cheated on Alaska, she was very faithful and I felt she should be rewarded. Sometimes good women love bad men; in this case Alaska learned his lesson. He’s not going to let a good woman get away.

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