Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 11

Love is in the air in the State household, even for Conn and Cosmo! Apparently everything happens either when I’m away and work or in the middle of the night. Let me explain.

Spring brought sunshine and clear skies to Riverview this year, which is great following the heavy snowfall of winter just past, where Conn was blessed with a couple snowdays for the first time I can recall. Conn apparently used this time to cozy up to Cosmo. Of course he didn’t tell me but he did tell his dad and Patterns. What am I, chopped liver? Yeah yeah, so this happened while I was at work, but he still managed to tell his father and Patterns after the fact. He could have told me too. It’s not like Pat and Jeremy aren’t going to tell me anyways (which THEY did); they always tell me.




It is officially time to lay down the law. I will have to talk with both Cosmo and Conn about the birds and the bees and how there will be no hanky-panky by teenagers in the house; I’m living proof!

This new relationship with Patterns has been going well. He planned a night out with A and Mariah. Things started well; good conversation, drinks, and dancing.

And as so often happens of late, someone had a medical emergency and I was asked to intervene. Good think we took my car and my medical bag was in the back seat.

Patterns wasn’t phased by the hiccup in our plans and we finished the night with a bit of star gazing. AHH Pandora it was so amazing. Yes I’ve gone out on many dates before, yes I’ve watched the stars before but when you’re in love, the sky seems bluer and the stars brighter. It truly was a great end to our night.


Alaska and Patterns have been quite the romancers lately. I wonder if they are advising one another. Patterns has taken to randomly dancing me around the living room; and I spotted A, serenading Mariah out on the lawn the other day.



Pattern’s has been pretty busy inventing. Has finally started to save some of his inventions for use at home rather than selling everything. He actually used his time machine and went into the future. Came back after a few hours with a pretty neat future suit; I think I might use that machine.



I too earned a raise and am now a Resident. Its been a long time coming. I feel like I’ve been working my way here for years (Ok I have) and it’s great to finally be here.

A also did some big things. He reached level 10 of the GhostHunting career and was honored by the mayor at City Hall. Of course he didn’t bother to tell anyone, actually forgot himself and made it down to City Hall at the last minute to collect his award. He told me he though it would be just a little small event, and was truly honored when he saw the number of residents that showed up to congratulate him. I wish we had all known because we would have loved to be there for him.

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Well the week before our birthday (Patterns and mine) I did something drastic! I took Pat’s advice and drumroll please…..


I took out my braids for good and I cut my hair. I didn’t color my hair, mostly because I’m attached to the blonde. I’m the only one in the whole family who ended up with blonde hair so I wanted to keep it. I’m loving the new cut. It was extremely drastic even for me, but after a few days it grew on me. Patterns loved it. Always touching my hair. I showed it off to Ari and she loved it. Said she eve wished she could have cut hers as low as mine, but she got daddy’s jawline and the short cut wouldn’t be as flattering on her. I also went shopping and bought some new clothes for myself and no one else! It felt great.

Wedding plans for A and Mariah have been coming along. We’re actually all finished. Bridesmaids dresses have been purchased; Mariah finally found what she dubbed the “perfect” wedding dress; Ok even I must admit it’s beautiful. Mariah has settled on tan and lilac as her wedding colors. We found THE cutest outfit for Mark; he’s going to be so adorable.

Patterns and I celebrated our birthdays just before the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Welcome 30!

Like I said before, I wasn’t really feeling the haircut at first mostly because it was drastic and new and I’ve been wearing my braids and twists for years. But even I must admit, you couldn’t tell me nothing after I got all dressed up for Mariah’s bachelorette party. I wore this banging white pantsuit with a bold red lip. I was totally feeling myself. And suffice it to say, Mariah and I turned up at the bachelorette party. We weren’t even phased when the boys crashed the party.

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Tit for tat; Mariah and I crashed A’s bachelor party. His dancers were better looking than the ones that showed up to Mariah’s party. The cheerleader outfit definitely got the guys engines revving. And only A could talk Mariah into woohoing in the photo booth at his bachelor party. My brother got game.

Alaska and Mariah’s wedding is scheduled for next week, first week of summer. As we are getting ready to celebrate my brothers wedding, my sister’s marriage is on the rocks. Like I said earlier, things happen either when I’m at work or in the middle of the night. Patterns was late night junk diving when he caught Jasper flirting with Sunny’s younger sister! Great, now I’m charged with being the bearer of bad news. I don’t even know if I can tell her; how can I tell her.





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  1. amandralynn says:

    Her new hair style is very flattering on her. šŸ™‚

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