Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 12

Quick post Pandora then gotta run, late for work.

All of our planning paid off. Alaska and Mariah’s wedding went off as planned and was beautiful. Reminded me of Ari’s wedding all those years ago. Wow I can’t believe it’s been 20+ years since a wedding in State household. Now that I remember, A was a teenager when Ari got married and I was a child. It’s definitely more enjoyable being an adult participating in the wedding both for the memories parties.

Mariah’s dress was absolutely beautiful, and A looked so handsome. Patterns was his Best Man and Conn a Groomsman. I was Mariah’s Maid of Honor and she was so nice to ask Cosmo to be in the wedding as a Bridesmaid. Mariah said she was “keeping it in the family”. Not to mention it made things cheaper. Did I ever tell you Mariah is frugal?

Mark was as adorable as I knew he would be in his tux for the wedding. I definitely have baby fever!

Anyways, short post like I said. Until next time Pandora.

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3 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 12

  1. amandralynn says:

    I love love love the family portrait down at the bottom. Its beautiful! Looks like they had a beautiful wedding! 🙂

    • orkhid22 says:

      this is like the first time I’ve gotten the poses “right” using the pose player; and when I discovered lighting is EVERYTHING. I’m very proud of this pic myself. thanks for reading

      • amandralynn says:

        your welcome! It takes a long time to set up a good scene like this. I know. I took a family photo once and it took like a half hour. LMAO!

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