Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 13

Well Pandora it’s been a while. Here in Riverview it is almost Gift Giving Day. It’s been a while since I’ve written. Last time I talked to you, I shared with you Alaska’s wedding. Not much has happened since then actually.

While Alaska and Mariah were in France for their honeymoon the rest of us just hung out around Riverview. The pool; the kids went to the new movie theater that opened on the outskirts of town; invited friends over.

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I’ve been busy at work, even earned two raises since I last wrote. I’m now up to level 8: Infectious Disease Investigator. Fancy words for saying I do nothing but hold diagnosis clinics all around town. But I’m still pleased. If mom and dad could see me now, I think they too would be happy. I’m sure many people had written me off after I had Conn as a teenager, and yet here I am. From bedpan cleaner to Infectious Disease Investigator. I’m hoping soon to work with the Surgery team. That’s my ultimate goal: World Renown Surgeon.



I must admit that I missed my brother while he was away on his honeymoon. I’m great friends with my big sis Arizona, but the relationship that I have with my brother is on a whole other level. I honestly couldn’t wait for his return, neither could the rest of the family

Fall in Riverview came in quite warm. We were still able to bar-b-q outside, and play with the water toys well into the middle of the fall season.





As a matter of fact, it wasn’t long after A and Mariah got back before Mariah was running to the bathroom and throwing up. Oh how that brought back memories. I remember those days. Throwing up at EVERY smell, EVERY morning. It also brought back memories of when Arizona returned from her honeymoon and soon thereafter was pregnant with Sun. Alaska and Mariah are over the moon about the new baby. Mark is soon to be a big brother.




Oh Pandora imagine my surprise when I read in the paper that not only Sun had gotten married, but so too had Aspen. I was a bit put off considering they hadn’t invited Alaska or me; but apparently they both ran off to Lucky Palms and eloped- Arizona wasn’t invited either. I can’t be mad if their own parents weren’t invited to the weddings. But to celebrate the new additions to the family, I invited everyone over to the house, just to hang out. Oh man it was so fun seeing everyone! Talking my nephews and nieces. It was great family time; not to mention the first time in a long time that ALL States were under one roof.




Unlike years previous, we did not have a costume party. Instead we invited close friends and family over for an informal Feast Party. Honestly I’m glad. Between Mariah complaining about not having a costume to wear over her pregnant belly; preparing Conn and Cosmo for Prom; increasing work demands- We didn’t have time to decorate the house, search for costumes or send out invitations.

It seemed as if Hartford grew overnight. One minute he was the adorable little puppy, chewing ALL of our furniture, to a huge black behemoth eating everything in site. He is cute in his own sort of way. Begging for belly rubs every time you turn around; and Connecticut has taken to teaching him tricks and commands. He’s learned how to sit so far.

*Extra* Gallery of Alaska and Mariah’s Honeymoon

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  1. amandralynn says:

    Looks like everything is going wonderful for the family!! 🙂

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