My apologies for delays in posts. I was waiting for IP to release so that Ark and Pat and get married in IP. The story had pretty much stalled otherwise.

So IP finally releases and things initially started off well. I downloaded patch 1.55 without any difficulty; played my test family without any difficulty. I then had to install the mods in order to vaca properly in IP. Downloaded those without problems.

The problems started when I vacationed to IP. I discovered this glitch where any sims in your party that is self employed could NOT check into the resorts. BUMMER

Next I was plagued by CRASHING! my game hasn’t crashed like this since Seasons. It took me days just to load without crashing; and when the game finally did load the LAG was unbelievable. Between all the crashing and lags, it literally took me a week in real time to get the gameplay over. I had to have 4 different save files because I was playing days over and over b/c I my game crashed every 5 minutes and I hadn’t saved; so repetition repetition.

Finally all of that is over; and I’m happy to post my next chapters of this Legacy.

I also want to add; I will NOT be blogging University Life. Just No time. I’m going on a month long vacation next month and I’ve only written One chapter and honestly haven’t played the save in forever. (been making over Dragon Valley). So for now I’m just going to sick with the States, and I hope when I have time to write about University Life.

Happy Simming


One thought on “Update

  1. amandralynn says:

    I’m sorry you are having game issues. 😦

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