Generation 3 California- Chapter 3

Journal entry 10- Happy Birthday Rado!


Fall is when we celebrate Rado’s birthday and aging up. Of course mom threw a party and a lot of the family came.



Because of the numerous detentions Rado received for being tardy to school, mom and dad have since banned Rado from fishing before school, much to his chagrin. He now can only fish after school.


As much as my brother annoys me I wouldn’t give him up for the world. I’m close to Connecticut but it’s nothing like the relationship that I have with Rado. I think the fact that we are so close in age helps with that. Similar to the relationship mom had with Uncle A.




We’re best friends and I couldn’t ask for a better brother.

Journal entry 11- I declare war!

Rado is the king of pranks to the point that the entire house is a ticking bomb with everyone at risk.



I have to admit I got mom and dad real good

Then Rado got me in the shower! Do you know how hard it is to get dye out of your hair? Rado’s got me not once, but twice!

It took weeks of planning because Rado has become suspicious of everything but I managed to get him once with the sink



and once with hair dye in the shower! FINALLY


However I declared war after I saw Rado in my room messing with MY computer. Sure enough he’d set up yet another trap.


Battle lines have been drawn and in war there are casualties. Everyone is at risk of being pranked if you enter the Arkansas State household (yes I must make that distinction since Uncle A has passed the State surname to his sons).
Journal entry 12

No one is safe at our home from the pranks. Just take Gift Giving Day as a prime example.


Both Bristol and Uncle A were casualties of war. I must admit both Rado and I laughed our heads off over them. I mean you should have seen Uncle A’s face and Bristol totally played it off.

Speaking of the gift giving party,, typically it’s just us and Connecticut’s family but this year mom invited the extended family. I think the death of Aunt Ari has moved mom to spend even more time with family. Which isn’t a bad thing. I love my family and anytime that I can spend with them I’m happy.

Cousin Tia is pregnant. She’s beautiful pregnant. I hope I’m as pretty as she when I’m pregnant (No I’m not pregnant I’m just speaking hypothetically)


Both River and Faith wore the same dress! I think River wore it better and I’m sure Rado thinks Faith wore it better seeing as he has a crush on her and all. She’s totally out of his league if you ask me. I mean who would want to date prank boy.


Big cousin Kodiak came. He’s aged up to be so handsome! Mom says a lot of the ladies in town swoon (who uses the word swoon these days other than my mother) over him.


The gift giving party was great! I got a sculpting station from mom and dad! and Rado got yet another fishing pole.

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Journal entry 13- At least someone’s official

Why ANY female would like Rado is beyond me. He’s nothing more than a prankster who loves fishing and collecting animals.


Rado now has a pet iguana, turtle, and mole/gerbil type thing in addition to a fish and fireflies in his room.

Admittedly Rado does a great job with keeping his pet terrariums clean and the pets fed.

But still what girl would like him!

Enter Faith Blanco.

She’s a bit too skinny if you ask me, AND very girly. She wears this skirt with these tights and pink fur boots. She also wears bracelets, rings, dangly earrings…basically the complete opposite of whom I thought would be attracted to my brother!


It’s hard for me to admit this but despite being “girly” she’s pretty cool. When Rado is out fishing she invites me over to hang out. We study together, play around with the kicky sack and watch t.v. together.



However, of us States, it is my brother Rado whom she loves most. Ugh!


While I’m on the topic of love guess who’s officially a couple! Yep you guessed it: Rado and Faith.

He told me all about his date. He took her to the spring festival and asked her to be his GF which she agreed to.

I’m just going to put this out there, being unofficial doesn’t make Ethan and mines relationship any less “official”!
Journal entry 14- Family updates

So I noticed when reading through mom’s journal, she does a lot of updates on the family. So I’ve decided to share a few updates.

Fox River and Willow are now teenagers! I’m sure Uncle A and Aunt Mariah are excited that the final two kids are teenagers.

Personally I think my cousin Willow is beautiful. She’s blonde like my mom and in my opinion prettier than her sister Juneau.


Fox River, whom we all simply call Fox, looks like a male version of Mariah! I can’t see Uncle A in him at all, well except for his coloring. He also looks like his big brother Fairbanks since aging up to teenager.


Speaking of Fairbanks and Kodiak they are both married now. I guess women around town are no longer swooning over Kodiak.

Talking with Fairbanks

Talking with Fairbanks

Fairbanks married his high school sweetheart Catherine and they have a daughter named Katrina. I love Catherine’s red hair. Seems like State men have thing for “red hair”… Well at least Uncle A and Fairbanks. Not that I witnessed this personally, but from what I read in mom’s journal apparently Mark’s mom Sunny was a red head.



Kodiak’s wife Chantrelle is also pretty in my opinion. She’s dark skinned like my mom and has her hair in locs. She fits in well with the family since both cousin Aspen and Darrick wear their hair loced.


Juneau lives with her fiancĂ© Cornell and his brother Calvin. They seem like nice guys. I had dinner with them one night. It’s just my opinion but I think Calvin is more handsome than Cornell. Of course I’d never tell Juneau that! This is just between you and I Pandora.



Nina, Solomon’s other daughter is now toddler. Saw them one night while I was out at the festival playing with Rado. She too has orange hair like her big sister Abigail. I hope she doesn’t get grandpa’s jaw like poor Abigail did.


Ray’s baby brother Muhammad is now toddler. I think he too may have the state jaw.



And of course those darn twins of Aspen and Janice. They are so cute and opposite. One has Janice’s coloring but with Grandpa Alabama State’s jaw and Grandma Jasmine’s eyes and the other twin has Aspens dark coloring but Janice’s face and eyes. Twins tend to run in the family, but I hope I do not have any. One baby at a time is good.


And per usual Janice and Aspen are constantly kissing. I declare! River is going to be a big sister again, I just know it.



Mark has married his girlfriend Benni



and they have a son named Kory. To mom Mark is like another son so she is fully vested in his life let me tell you! And she considers Kory another grandson, so she’s over there often.


And what would a family update be without adding in my big brother and sisterm Conn and Cosmo, and their family. Ashford and Avon are now school age and we’ve known for a while that Cosmo was expecting again. YAY! just when I was missing Avon and Ashford being toddlers.


But boy was she as big as a house when we went over for a Sunday Dinner. I thought for sure she’d deliver during dinner.

Luckily she did not! Until next time Pandora.


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