Generation 3 California- Chapter 4

Journal entry 13- Senior Year

Summer is by far my favorite season. I love the feel of the sun against my skin. I love spending time at both the local pool and the beach.


I don’t know. Maybe I’m partial to this particular summer because it heralds the beginning of my Senior year at Appaloosa High. Whatever the reason this past summer was awesim if I do say so myself.

The first day of summer everyone and their momma was at the pool. Cousin Fairbanks was there



I also learned at the party that Chantrelle, Kodiak’s wife, was expecting their first child. It’s the early stages of pregnancy so she isn’t showing much.


Chantrelle is pretty cool. I love talking with both her and Kodiak.

I’ve yet to muster up the courage to try out the wave machine, but Rado did and it was hilarious watching him try to surf and fall off. He’s much better at snowboarding if I do say so myself.


Like I said, there’s always a party at the pool during the summer.

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Mom threw a beach party which was amazing! the weather held up with no raining and the water was cool and refreshing. I enjoyed playing in the water with Ethan.

A lot of the cousins came, including Willow, Tia, and even Darrick showed up! He hardly ever shows up to family functions. It was great to see him

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Of course a party isn’t a party unless there is drama. Faith and Caitlin got into it over who knows what. She may be small and girly but Faith sure is feisty.


And when we weren’t at the pool or the beach Rado and I grouped up with friends and hung out at summer festival just having a good time. You know typical Appaloosa Plains fun.

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Journal entry 14~ Rado is King

As you know I declared war on Rado with all this pranking business. However my brother being the diplomat that he is approached me with a proposition: join ranks and prank others.


And he already had our first target: The public library. Why the library you ask. Well remember how I described AP earlier: dead ass town with nothing to do? That’s why.

The library is definitely THE worst place in town if you ask me. Only people ever there are old people. There reading their books, having clandestine meetings, hook-ups. I mean who knew elderly people still did these things. All the more reason to be our first attack.

Unfortunately that prank wasn’t successful. But we’ll definitely try again.

We did have success pranking Burton the maid! Mom has a cleaning service that comes by daily. Burton is our maid. Eh, he’s ok looking if you ask me. I’m sure Rado is mad that our maid wasn’t a woman!


Best part is that Burton never saw it coming.

Next up was mom and dad. Gosh they have to be our favorite people to prank. You’d think by now they would be ready but nooo. They are NEVER ready. haha.

This one was my idea. I’d went down to the consignment store and guess what they had Megaphones! I picked up one for me and one for my brother. Together Rado and I creped into mom and dad’s room and SURPRISE!

They never saw it coming. Got me and Rado grounded the rest of the summer. But no worries because Rado made mom and dad pay for their grounding us.

Personally I thought the megaphone couldn’t be beat however Rado had another trick up his sleeve. He rigged mom and dad’s camera phone to flash a piercing bright light. They never suspected we would tamper with their camera phones.

Maybe that’ll stop their love affair with selfies. Team: Rado and Cali 2: Suckers 0. I have to admit the decision to team up was the best idea Rado ever had.

Journal entry 15- Dad’s mystery build.

So dad received a mysterious letter from the science facility that asked him to gather specific materials. It started over the summer with him importing an exotic fruit called “life fruit” which he cultivated in the home garden then delivered them to the science facility.

Then he went on a hunt for a pink gem. This one took him many sim weeks to find. Rado and I both offered to help him but he declined, he wanted to do it. After a long hunt daddy found the pink gem. Because he’d been gem hunting so long daddy had purchased his own gem cutter so he no longer had to send out him gems to be cut he could cut them from home. The gem had to be specifically cut into a heart.


Daddy sent that off to the science facility and afterwards locked himself into the garage building. Unlike the weeks it took him to hunt down the rainbow gem, it only took him the weekend of non-stop building to create his last creation.


The mysterious object was a SIMBOT! Dad named her Quilt. She’s nice enough. now she’s just like a member of the family.



Journal entry 16- Costume Party

Rado and I co-hosted a costume party during the fall. I dressed as a huntress. Mom helped me blow out my hair and she braided the side down. I thought I was cute


Rado dressed as a pizza delivery boy. Willow and Faith both dressed as cheerleaders. Caitlin came as a cowgirl, Judson is now teenager (Scotty’s son) and he came as a cow plant. There were tons of great costumes. Ethan re-used his costume from last year and came wearing a hockey mask- party pooper.

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We had a good time.

My sister Cosmo gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Bethany. Mom of course was beating down their door the first night they brought her home.




Not to mention they like when mom comes over because she cooks dinner for everyone. With all the kids he and Cosmo had I’m sure my brother Connecticut is happy to have mom over helping. But then again caring for a singleton has be better than caring for twins.




And I’ve still yet to win a contest at the festival! This time I lost the pie eating contest again to Rado and the apple bobbing contest to my niece Avon. I’m officially done in competing.



Journal entry 17- Send them home

Now that mom is retired she has more free time which is good. Connecticut and his family have started coming over weekly for family dinner.

The funniest thing comes when it’s time to leave. Cosmo and Conn have to basically force the children to leave. Gather them up and usher them out. Bristol is the worst.

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Journal entry 18- Happy Birthday Santa Monica

YAY! Santa Monica aged from a filly to a mare! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic.

Mostly because I was over having to bottle feed her. Some may think that’s mean but this was sim months in the making. I’d have to get up early to feed her, my brother helped with feeding her, mom and dad fed her, even Bristol fed her a few times.

And I will never forget the time that while feeding Monica I was struck by lightening!

Admittedly I laughed when after newly arriving to the family, Quilt helped with feeding Monica and she too was struck by lightening


Sadly this resulted in her short circuiting and daddy had to fix her.

But now Santa Monica is a mare and I can ride her! I was so excited to mount her for the first time. Dad was there sitting on the porch watching my first attempt. Admittedly I thought I’d end up facing backwards but I managed to mount her facing forward.

Then we went for a ride around the neighborhood. We didn’t go far but you couldn’t tell my butt that! ouch. I knew it would be a rough and bumpy ride starting out but I didn’t expect it to be so bad.


I didn’t dismount so well. I landed on my already bruised and sore bottom

My first ride on Santa Monica was exhilarating. I cant wait until we start to gallop.


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