Generation 3 California- Chapter 6

Journal entry 24- Happy Birthday to me

Well the day finally arrived. I felt like I’ve been waiting ages for this especially since Ethan and River both aged up before me. I decided to throw a beach birthday party.


It was great. The weather cooperated beautifully. Best of all so many friends and family came to celebrate.

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Of course only a few hung around to the wee hours of the night to watch me blow my candles out

Make a wish…

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!


After that, we danced some more cause that’s how us States celebrates an aging up.



Journal entry 25- Graduation Day

Ugh it was rough getting up the next morning but it was graduation day! I’d finally done it: Graduated High School. With Honors too. I was very happy.


River and I walked together. We exchanged gifts afterwards


Then spent the rest of the evening at the new venue in town. She and I rode the Blue Coaster together




It was awesome. There is still time yet to tell mom and dad that I won’t be attending University. Why spoil their happiness this moment.

Until Next time Pandora.



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