Generation 3 California- Chapter 7

Journal entry 25- Grown woman

Well I’m a grown woman now Pandora, sort of. Ok really the only thing that has changed since graduating high school is that I don’t have to get up early to go to school. I get to sleep in a bit, otherwise things are relatively the same.

Ethan has decided to join the military, eventually becoming an astronaut is his goal.



I think that’s amazing because of course my grandfather was an astronaut! We were able to spend about a week together after I graduated before he needed to leave for basic training and school.

It was a bittersweet moment when it came time for him to leave. He had even shaved all his hair off prior to leaving. It’s weird seeing him with no hair, but I can get use to it.

Journal entry 26- Genie in a bottle

Well graduation gifts kept pouring in. Some I took to the consignment store and cashed in; not because I needed the money, simply because I didn’t need the item! Some items I kept; and others still were unusual. Take for example the gift I received from Uncle A.

Uncle A sent me a genie bottle. It was passed to him from granddaddy Alabama who had gotten it from his best friend Hunter Cottoneye. I asked Uncle A if there was a real live genie in the bottle and he said he didn’t know. He’d never rubbed the lamp.

The bottle sat in my room on the dresser for weeks after graduation until one morning I finally decided to give it a try. I mean what could I loose right?

Wow, imagine my surprise when out popped a blue genie!


I was surprised and almost fainted. A part of me didn’t believe there was a genie inside. Which is surprising considering I’m part human Sim and part imaginary friend (despite the fact I do not have the ability to turn into an IF) didn’t believe in genies. Honestly, I’ve not heard of or seen any other occult beings except for IFs so I think it’s ok that I was surprised about finding a genie in a bottle. Before popping back into his lamp he told me his name was Nijad and that should I need him, simply rub the lamp.


HOW AWESOME IS THIS! I’m holding off making any wishes at this time. I mean honestly my family is rich, so it’s not like I need money and I’m already healthy so I won’t wish for that. I’m going to reserve my wishes for something important.

Journal entry 27- Life as a jockey

I’m officially a jockey. I went down to city hall and registered as a jockey and now mom and dad can’t say I don’t have a job. Now that I don’t have school during the day and only evenings and weekends free I can spend a lot more time training SM.

We’re still practicing jumps and have gotten a bit better, no where near great but getting there. Going to try to master both riding and jumping. I think together SM and I can do it.


Journal entry 28- Free time

Despite all of the training I’m doing with SM, I still have tons of free time. This would have been a great time to spending with Ethan however he isn’t here. So I keep busy buy visiting friends and family.

River comes over usually on the weekends as she is busy during the week teaching.


Chantrelle, Kodiak and their son Mack come over frequently to hang out.

Mack is so cute and has skin the color of chocolate.


I know I’m obsessed with brown skin! I love the multiple skin tones in my family but brown is my favorite color!

I even go over and bug Fairbanks and his wife Maria. They now have two little girls, Johanna and Katrina, who always seem to be getting into something!

The family is just expanding so much! There are babies born seemingly every day; and birthdays every other day. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to keep up with them all. I understand even more why mom and dad love to throw holiday and house parties as a way of keeping up with everyone in the family.

Admittedly I love seeing all of the family getting together. I can see the genetics from my grandparents manifested in their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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Journal entry 29- Rado dates more than me

For Rado to be a loner and prefer the company of himself and fish he has more of a social life than I did and he and Faith are always going out. My parents really need to stop giving him money.

OK I’m a little jealous because Ethan’s away and I cannot spend time with him the way Rado does with Faith. Admittedly, they are so cute together. I still find it hard to see what she sees in my brother. Did I mention they are going to have pretty brown babies!


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