Generation 3 California- Chapter 8

Journal entry 30- My First Horse Race

Training has been going very well and I feel as if I am ready for SM and I to enter our first horse race. Conn came over to the house to wish me luck prior to leaving for the race.


Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the stadium and ALL the family was there too! I was both happy and nervous at the same time. Now I have to do well. I’d forgone college to become a jockey, I had to show my parents I’m not crazy.



Suffice it to say SM and me won first place! YAY. all the training definitely paid off.

Journal entry 31- I love winter

I think next to summer my favorite season is winter. I love the snow, ice skating and the colder weather. I like how everything seems eerily quiet when it snows and trees, plants, flowers die and go dormant only to rise again in spring. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy but I love it.


Maybe I’m extra partial to winter this year because soon Ethan will be back home. I’ve missed him terribly these past few months. I’ve been writing him daily and keeping him up to date on things happening here back home but it’s not the same as seeing him everyday.

We went to the winter festival and took Quilt. The funniest thing is that Quilt loves to “ice skate” too.


She’s become so humanized. And despite shorting out, loves to play in the snow. Rado’s handiness skill has increased enough that he can help dad repair her if there is need.

Mom is still limber as ever on the ice. She’s always loved ice skating the best.


And I’m still looking good myself.

As usual, you can’t go anywhere in town and not see family. I saw cousins Darrick and Scotty as well as River’s twin sisters Meaghann and Maria.

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Winter hasn’t slowed me and Santa Monica down. We’re still entering competitions and training. And dare I say winning them all. We’ve taken first place in all racing competitions and 3rd place in our first jumping competition.

And still make time for family and friends

I almost forgot! Guess who is now school age: Berlin. She’s aged up to be such a cute little girl.


She just loves Rado and he adores her



Now you see why I just love winter. There is always something to do and something going on. This year mom decided to keep the Gift Giving party casual. The Gift Giving Party is always a standing invitation to all family and friends and you never know who is going to show up.

Mom is always taking pictures with Connecticut as if she doesn’t already have a gazillion of them together. He’s a great sport.


Almost all of Uncle A’s family came except Willow and Fox they were out with friends. Juneau looks so much like Mariah, every time Uncle A sees her he must always think of Mariah

Winter hasn’t always been training, competition, and parties. I’ve also taken time to visit with family, do some sculpting, and go out dancing.

And Rado is Rado… he once decided to play in the sprinklers! don’t ask me why. He froze and mom had to thaw him out



and not even snow keeps Rado from fishing


Journal entry 32- No wishes but we’re friends

Well I still haven’t thought of any wishes to make with Nijad but we have become friends. Every chance I get I summon him from his lamp simply to talk. I feel terrible that he’s in there and am secretly thinking of a way to free him. Kinda like how mom brought dad to life. She freed him from an imaginary existence. I can free Nijad from living perpetually in a lamp.


Spring is here and I couldn’t be happier. It still snows every now and again but spring is here and that’s what matters most. Soon Ethan will be back home.

Rado and Faith looked so cute going to prom. They almost missed their limo ride because mom wanted ANOTHER picture before they left. We had to chase the driver down. Dad said he would have dropped them off had the driver left without them.


And did I mention I completed my wood sculpture and won yet another cross-country race and intermediate jumping completion?!


All that’s missing is Ethan. I don’t know when exactly he’s coming home. All he says when I ask is “soon”. Doesn’t he know “soon” isn’t a date? Oh well, until next time Pandora.



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