Generation 3 California- From the secret writings of Nijad

Wow! she’s beautiful is all I could think when I finally saw the person who had summoned me from the lamp. Initially I was both mad and happy. Happy because it had been many years since I had last been summoned and mad because it was time for me to grant wishes and then be placed BACK into the lamp.


But she who summoned me is different. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. She told me her name is California but everyone calls her Cali and she has hair blue like my skin.

And weirdly enough she didn’t make any wishes. Said she didn’t need anything at the moment and she asked me my name! Nijad I told her. I cannot even remember the last time someone asked me my name. 100 years ago maybe? I can’t remember it’s been too long. When I’m summoned people just want to make wishes and they simply called me “genie”. Genie is not my name.

But Cali, she asked me my name.


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