Generation 3 California- Chapter 9

Journal entry 33- He’s back

It was Rado’s graduation and aging up celebration weekend. I was walking outside and who did I see coming up the walk-way… Ethan


I just immediately stopped what I was doing, I don’t even remember honestly, and started to run towards him.


It was surreal. I’d spent months missing him and now he was before my very eyes. It was like one of those fairytale moments when man comes back from war and his awaiting woman runs and jumps into his arms. Well this was my fairytale and I was THAT woman.


I think for the first few minutes we just hugged, kissed and hugged some more. I still couldn’t believe he was here. Finally home from basic training, looking just as handsome as he did before he left.

But it didn’t end there. Imagine my surprise when Ethan got down on one knee.


The fairytale just continued. Here was my man down on one knee proposing to me. I must admit, although I had imagined, and fantasized even, about my life as Ethan’s wife and mother of his children, I never once imagined how the proposal would go. Whether it would be over a nice meal, after a great date or what.

Of course I said yes! We’re going to be together forever! Now I know why he wouldn’t give me a set date on when he was coming home! He was making plans. Sneaky.

Journal entry 34- Happy Birthday Rado

Fresh off the excitement from getting engaged came time to celebrate Rado’s aging up and graduation from high school. Dad threw him a birthday party at the Barn in town down by the river. It was fun. Sadly Faith was deathly ill and couldn’t make it to Rado’s party but my brother and sister-in-law as well as my niece Bristol made it.


I’m sure Rado wished that Faith was there


She wasn’t there but so many of family did make it out to celebrate with Rado. States love to show up to parties. I get to see so many of my cousins! And it’s always a great time to see Uncle A

The cake was pretty good. I love chocolate icing.


Of course I was the first to buy Rado a drink because that’s what big sisters do.



We stayed long into the night celebrating, dancing, playing shuffleboard, darts, etc.

Journal entry 35- Proud Sibling

So Rado is all grown up now and is a YA now. Well not just him, all of us are adults now: Me, Rado, Ethan, River, Ray, Caitlin, Faith. It’s so weird seeing us as young adults rather than the children and teenagers we use to be. I feel different and at other times I feel the same. Once Rado gets use to being a YA I’m going to ask him how he feels about this new stage his life. Maybe we’ll compare notes.

I mean today it’s graduation before you know it we’ll both have spouses, me Ethan he Faith (you may think its presumptuous but I mean they are high school sweethearts. Rado doesn’t even LOOK at other women) and then start having children of our own. I can see it so clear.

The graduation ceremony was the same as mine: boring but the end result was great: Rado Graduated with Honors!


He was so excited as he should be!

Because it was raining after the ceremony we had to take the family photo back home. Mom set up her tripod and got us all grouped together AND she made Rado toss his diploma yet AGAIN. Being the good son that he is, he did it.

Next time Pandora.


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