Generation 3 California- From the secret diary of Nijad

Cali is like no owner I’ve ever had. She’s had me for a while now and has yet to make a wish. This has never happened before. By now my lamp would have been give to another, lost, or stolen as in the case of Cali’s uncle, sitting in a chest unused. When Cali release me from the lap, she doesn’t make wishes she greets me like an old friend, talks to me and asks me how I’ve been.


Except now, she released from the lamp and introduced me to him: Ethan.


He’s back and they are now engaged. For what it’s worth he’s handsome for a human and seems to treat Cali very well. It’s obvious she’s in love with him as she hangs on his every word and constantly enthused about the wedding they’d be having sometime in the future. They’d yet to set a date.


I feel like a true friend to Cali but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I fell for Cali the first time I saw her even knowing she was unattainable. I mean I’m a Jeanie stuck in a lamp and she’s human. We were doomed from the start… but still I can hope.

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