The State Legacy Blog is on permanent hiatus


It’s with great regret that I have to place the State Legacy on hold. I have tried to play through and I’m just plagued by error 12 and 14s. I intentionally did not send the family on any travels this time and still I’m having save issues. In order to continue to story I will have to save up all families in town; create a new world, add in new houses and it’s just exhausting.

However, the Sims 4 is now out and I did get a copy and I’m thinking of starting a legacy based off of the legacy rules and blog about it. I  will link that once I get started. without jinxing things I’m saving quickly no errors or lag is being experienced in the new sims 4. granted it is a new game and all but hopefully much more stable than TS3.

side note this is my last year (both fall and spring semesters combined) of school for me. If am in school for my Master’s in Nursing degree. So in the beginning posts may be slow to appear especially the busier school gets. However I’m going to try to keep up and I will definitely be able to post more starting next spring and next year as I wont have SCHOOL WORK! yay.

happy simming.