Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 15

This pregnancy is different than my first pregnancy many sim years ago. Last time I was pregnant I was all alone; Jeremy, Connecticut’s father, wasn’t involved; both my parents were dead; Patterns was newly turned real. This pregnancy has been fun.

Patterns was so happy for the baby to arrive. He was constantly touching, listening, and talking to my belly. It was great to not go through the pregnancy alone.





By the end of summer, Patterns and I were proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. We named her California, Cali for short. Unlike Connecticut, Cali at least got my coloring. Her other features haven’t yet come in, so not sure how much of me she really has. As we all know, Connecticut is all his father and none of me.



Gosh she’s so adorable; but aren’t all babies?

Shortly after having Cali I learned that Aspen and his wife Janice were expecting their first child. How wonderful, more cousins her age to play with.



The best part about Patterns being a self employed inventor is that he sets his own work hours and we do not have to pay for a babysitter. Now that I’ve advanced in my career to a World Renown Surgeon I’m busier than ever at work, sometimes staying late, Cali is cared for mostly by her father. He even takes her with him on trips to the Consignment store to pick up his earnings from sales and drop off completed inventions.



Of course we took her to Alaska’s and Mariah’s so that he could see her. Unfortunately at the time of her birth, Arizona and Jasper had taken their family on vacation to Hidden Springs.


Connecticut and Cosmo’s relationship has blossomed into more than just romantic interests. They are officially a “couple”. They are starting to go out on “dates” rather than just grouping up and hanging out. I’ve had the birds and the bees talk with both Cosmo and Conn and they both promise me they are not interested in WooHooing and having babies yet. Operative word is “yet”. I am so glad my parent’s weren’t living to witness my teen pregnancy.




A new diner and bowling alley has come to town. Dare I say Conn and Cosmo like the new place better than the Arcade which was by far their favorite hang out spot. The diner has all Simerican Food to order, from cheese pizza, to mac-n-cheese, to grasshopper pie. Talk about good eats, at least for teenagers.

I never though a year would go by so fast. Cali is now a toddler! She can be so cute at times…

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and other times makes me want to cut and burn my fallopian tubes.

I do not remember Connecticut being like this. However I must admit, it’s easier with one, than the chaos of the triplets and Mark. But oh how quickly we forget once time passes.

As you can see, her features have become noticeable. And just as I figured she doesn’t look much like me at all. She has Pat’s eyes and hair and my coloring. At least that’s something.

Of course she has everyone in the entire house wrapped around her little finger, most notably her dad. They are already best buds due to Patterns being home with her majority of the time.

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Cali even has playdates with her triplet cousins. The four of them together spells TROUBLE all capital letters.




The best part about having teenagers and a toddler: free babysitters. Connecticut and Cosmo watch Cali once a week so that Patterns and I can have date night.

I’m pleased to announce we had some work done on the house. Frankly I was tired of hearing the kids, Patterns included, complain about having to vist A’s house or the community pool to swim; and how we couldn’t throw a pool party; and didn’t I just miss the Resort pool slide from our vacation a few sim years ago to Isla Paradisa I broke down and had a pool built. Even I must admit, it looks great. We had to do some re-arranging in the yard, but everything fit nicely.


Of course, Hartford thinks the pool is for him. Too bad it wasn’t finished being built until late fall, which is when the snow arrives in Riverview. Oh well, there’s always next summer.


For the first time in years we threw a feast party; skipped on the costume party as I was nauseous and tired. Cosmo still felt the need to dress up, saying that she never got to participate because she was an IF during all our previous parties. She had a blast and was the belle of the ball in her shark costume.

Everyone arriving to the party. Ari still dressed like she's in IP

Everyone arriving to the party. Ari still dressed like she’s in IP



Dancing with Jeremy, Conn's father

Dancing with Jeremy, Conn’s father

Everyone stuffing their face

Everyone stuffing their face




You know the biggest problems with physicians, world renown surgeons included, we miss the obvious; especially when it’s happening to us. That nausea? With any other female patient of child bearing age, I would have known exactly what was wrong with her; myself on the other hand. Chalk it up to food poisoning and general fatigue, rather than the glaringly obvious. I mean really:

A little bit of this…

and a little bit of that…

leads to a whole lot of…


Ugh I didn’t anticipate being ready to deliver at the time of Connecticut’s graduation. Well honestly that wasn’t the only thing I had not planned for. Mentally I was unprepared for his aging up. I mean sure we’d talked about it, but I was in full denial mode. My first born was graduating.

Pat and I threw a party downtown and invited the whole family to celebrate the aging up of Connecticut and Cosmo.




He and Cosmo were so excited to graduate. The ceremony was great. Brought back memories of my own and Patterns graduation.




We celebrated the Graduates by going out to dinner at the new Bistro in town.



Of course an outing isn’t an outing unless Cali shows out. Granted it was a long day for her. The graduation and then dinner; and they don’t have potty chairs at restaurants. And to think, I soon will have another baby to contend with.



It’s hard to believe Cosmo and Conn are now young adults. They are still like their teenage selves. For graduation both Cosmo and Conn chose to forgo a trip. Conn was set to leave for the Police Academy soon and Cosmo would be starting her internship at the local paper soon. I did surprise both Cosmo and Conn by getting them a car, and Conn gifted himself with a new dog! I know I said no more dogs, but I couldn’t tell him “No”.




At least she isn’t a puppy; Conn named her Derby. She’s kinda cute and looks quite similar to Hartford; just a lighter coat. Hartford and her took to one another quite well. We will need to take a trip to the vet and get both Hartford and Derby fixed otherwise I see puppies in our future.



And like Hartford, Derby loves the pool.

It wasn’t long after the graduation of Cosmo and Conn that I gave birth to a son. Pat and I named him Colorado. No nickname as of yet. It’s been hard juggling work and the two kids that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t change anything.

We even managed to throw a gift giving party this year! Wow it’s been since before we left for IP that all the states have been together. Of course A and Mariah’s little ones didn’t make it to the party, but all my big nieces and nephews made it to the gift giving party.



Arizona's youngest daughter

Arizona’s youngest daughter Tia





The pile was huge this year. So many people showed up. Sun and her husband, Aspen and his wife (their baby River stayed home), all of Ari’s kids that stay at home made it (Solomon, Scotty, Derrick, Tia)


Spring is in the air here in Riverview. We bid a fond farewell, for now, to Conn who headed off to the Police Academy.

So now it’s just me, Pat, Cosmo and the babies! Oh yeah, can’t forget the dogs! and we’re doing okay.


2 thoughts on “Generation 2 Arkansas- Chapter 15

  1. amandralynn says:

    Awww I’m happy she didn’t have to go through this pregnancy alone. It was cute with the pic of him listening to her belly. ❤ And I liked the gift giving party, was good to see everyone again. 🙂

  2. orkhid22 says:

    Its always good to catch up with the extended family. Arizona has 6 kids total with 4 still living at home. I go around and re-style them all; woohoo them with their spouses and jumpstart their families. I may have to put NRass SP back in. I recently took my mods out bc while playtesting IP the game was running so smoothly; however without Twallan’s SP familes don’t get preggo and stuff.

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