Generation 3 California- Chapter 2

Journal entry 4- The passing of an Elder

I still don’t know where things stand with Ethan and I. We’ve been hanging out a lot since the kiss in the stacks but we’re not “official”. We’ve gone on a few dates, and because Ethan lives down the street from me he comes over often in the evening and we watch the stars together before going to bed.

Then one day Ethan brought the news of Aunt Arizona’s passing. I knew she had been getting up there in age but I didn’t think she’d ever die. She’d already lived a good 10-12 sim years after the death of her first husband Uncle Jasper.



Ethan delivered the sad news because Aunt Ari and her husband shared a home with Ethan and his family. Ethan was very upset and sad because he’d grown to love Arizona the years they’d lived together and sadly he was home when Arizona passed.



The passing of Aunt Ari brought home to me mortality. I have no memory of Uncle Jasper as he died years before we even moved to Appaloosa Plains and my grandparents had died decades before my birth. Life was all I was familiar with.

Because Aunt Ari and Uncle A had so many children and in turn I have so many cousins, there is always a woman in the family giving birth; or someone else celebrating a birthday and aging up. Death is unfamiliar and scary to me.

Journal entry 5- Too many people

Our house is packed. Technically it’s just mom, dad, Rado and myself however my nieces and nephew are over so much they might as well live with us!


Don’t get me wrong, I love them to death but there are many times that I want to sleep without being awakened by a crying baby; or having Bristol follow me around all the time.




And when they aren’t crying it’s potty training, teaching them to walk and talk and feeding them. Why are they always hungry?!

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I don’t know how my parents do it. I was asked to watch the kids one Saturday and admittedly, I think they were watching me.


And actually it’s not just my nieces and nephews, my cousin Mark is over all the time too since he aged up to young adult. I told mom he should just move in, she’s already doing his laundry.

And if it’s not Mark it’s River! She and my mom are like best friends.



At the end of the day, I wouldn’t change it. Family is everything and one day I’m going have tons of children and a house full of family and friends. And yes Ethan will be the father…I hope (Ok technically we aren’t even boyfriend/girlfriend let alone husband and wife but a girl can dream).
Journal entry 6- We like to party!

Why my mom doesn’t have the party animal trait is beyond me. She lives for the holidays just so that she can throw a party. And now that she’s retired, it doesn’t even have to be a holiday for mom to throw a party.

Mom agreed to let Rado throw a slumber party. This was like the slumber party to end all slumber partiers let me tell you (yes I know I said that about the summer pool party but I think this rivals that). I don’t remember my slumber party being as fun or packed as Rado’s. He invited all our cousins AND all his friends. Every time I turned around there were more kids showing up.



For the most part they hung out in family room and danced the night away. Those not dancing were grouped together doing homework (who brings homework to a slumber party? inquiring minds want to know) and then you had the fatty McGee’s who were stuffing their faces (I admit to being the fatty McGee).

And when it was time for them to go to bed they were everywhere! the family room, the kitchen, the dining room, the formal living room; some even slept in mom’s sunroom! Like I said, I think Rado invited all the children in the town.

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I had a great time at the annual costume party! Ethan showed up in a ski-mask; Juneau came dressed in granddaddy’s old space uniform, dad borrowed scrubs from mom, and Rado was a robber- how apropos.

Rado and I skipped trick-or-treating this year.

Journal entry 7- Ice skating on the lake

So unlike years past, this year the lake at the winter festival froze over and we could actually skate on it! Mom and I were really the only ones skating on it. Dad, Rado, and Bristol can barely skate on the ice rink let alone the lake.



What Rado is good at and I suck at are the contests! He always wins the pie eating contest, and Dad won the apple eating contest. One day I’m going to beat them both.



Even Santa Monica likes the snow



Journal entry 8- Love is in the air

Usually I went to the spring festival just to hunt for eggs, roller skate and dance. But this year was different. This year I had a date. I didn’t attend the festival when my parents took Rado. Not this year. This year I went with Ethan and it was everything I imagined.

We took a picture together; I got my face painted and we had a picnic dinner


I also tried to teach Ethan how to skate. Do you know he’s never skated before?



We slow danced



and we checked our love with the love meter.


We scored midway on the meter. Its early yet in our relationship. I know I can love Ethan more.

Journal entry 9- Life goes on

River’s mom gave birth to twins! Maria and Meghann and little Jayme is now school age. I now go over to River’s house just to play with the twins. They are so cute. I miss when Avon and Ashford were babies.

And without fail every time I spend the night I catch River’s parent’s making out.





Ok yes mom and dad still kiss and stuff but mom is too old to get pregnant. If cousin Aspen and Janice keep this up, River is going to have a lot more brother and sisters than she does now! I mean could you imagine 5 more Rado’s? I couldn’t, one is enough.

Not only did Janice have twins, but Ray’s mom Sun had another boy and Debbie, Solomon’s wife, had another girl.

What I learned looking back on this year is that life continues after death. Our time here seems long at times and at other times is nothing more than a blip. Love your family, love your friends, and most importantly love yourself.

R.I. P. Aunt Ari; gone but never forgotten.



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